Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Things that I am Thankful for....

I recently came across a blog of someone I haven't seen in years and she had her Thanksgiving post up already. I have decided since so many wonderful things have happened lately that I would follow suit.
  • Our new house passed the inspection and everything is progressing beautifully.
  • THE PUPPY (self explanatory)
  • My children are healthy and happy and unconditionally wonderful all around.
  • I have a husband that I love and puts up with ALL my nonsense(so he must love me...right?)
  • I have a JOB ( not easy to come by these days if you don't already have one.)
  • I enjoy (mostly) the people I work with, which is good since I have to spend a lot of time with them...)
  • The weather here in Tucson is FANTASTIC right now.
  • Our friends D&A (for now, I will have to come up with nicknames for them soon) had us over for dinner Sat. night and we realized the new house is less than 10 minutes from theirs. we currently live almost 1/2 hour from them and can't wait to see them more often.
  • Wordless Wed...... THE PUPPY

XX.....see you soon!

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