Friday, October 24, 2008

First ever pics of my Tattoo's

So, 2 years ago in July I started a project that I never imagined would take so long to finish. Still not complete, this is the first published picture of my left arm sleeve. For a long time my Tattoo artist asked that I not post any pictures of my arm because it looked disjointed and not so hot. I was volunteering at a local art fair last weekend and a photographer for the event asked if he could do some shots of my arm as another form or exapmle of local art. This is the picture that he decided to use in his article and he sent it to me for my approval. I look at my tattoo everyday but had never seen it from someone else's perspective, it's pretty freakin' cool if I do say so myself! I am lucky enough to have a job where no one forces me to "cover myself" or try to "fit in". All my life I have adored tattoo's and just recently married a man who is also a lover of body art and didn't care how I expressed myself but loves me for who I am. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.