Wednesday, April 22, 2009

One more thing....

Oh by the way...not only is it earth day, it Administrative professionals day! Did my boss do or say anything???
(Anybody else feel like they give their soul to the devil and get squat in return??)
(I'll get mine one of these days!)

Oh Wednesday....

I went to the doctor last Friday to have my monthly medication check, we are trying something new for the headaches. High blood pressure meds, how does that work. Anyway all I know is that since I have started taking them I am super more tired in the morning and my fingers and ankles are swollen until a couple hours after I get out of bed. Now I don't have high blood pressure, mine is normally, actually always, around 116/73 so the fact that they put me on these meds causes concern. My doctor said that it could possibly cause dizziness or fainting and so I should take it at night. The purpose is to keep my headaches from forming in the first place but I just don't get it. So far...not working. I have tried so many different pills for this preventative measure....Nothing has worked, I am almost ready to give up!!! What I am getting at, does anyone know any herbal remedy's, or old wives tales etc. to prevent headaches. Once it starts my life is over, if I could just keep it from starting.  I have migraine pills that alleviate the head pounding but I can't take them at work as they make me feel like someone has removed my brain and placed it in a jar on a shelf. ARGH! oh and for wordless wed...I give you bliss....

Friday, April 17, 2009

Friday blah,

I have had a long week, Monday I had the day off (yeah vacation days) and mostly just caught up on Laundry and cleaning, Wednesday was Thing 1's track meet, yesterday I had to go to the Doc again for my monthly medication check(someday she is going to get the combination right and I will finally wake up without a headache) and today I have a girlie sleep over. 
Thing 1 has had, well actually had (past tense) a best friend(we will call her Pink) since 3rd grade. For years (6) they were inseparable....Pink spent most of her time at our house to escape from an abusive father, went on Vacations with us, mainly she was just another of my children and knew she always had a place in our home. Last year (9th grade)Pink started dabbling in drugs that were entirely too accessible as that is what her dad does for a living. At this point my daughter decided that she wanted to steer clear because she knows that is not the kind of life she is interested in living (having seen what it had done to her father and I).  Thing 1 was devastated, she cried and moped for months.  She, alot like me, has never made friends easily, especially not female friends, and the loss of Pink...sucked.  4 months ago a boy at their school overdosed on Pinks drug of choice, needless to say it scared the crap out of her.  Tonight for the first time in over 2 years Pink is coming to spend the weekend at our house. 2 years ago they were 13 and didn't care to do anything but play Rock band and Myspace all night long. Now as 16 year olds I am wondering what will transpire, will they play video games? Should I lock up all my liquor? We don't have any drugs in the house, do I search her things or trust that she is telling the truth? She isn't (wasn't) a bad girl, she just took some steps in the wrong direction. ACK.... maybe I should just kick back and enjoy the fact that thing 1 has here sister back....I don't know, but I think I am done talking about it for now, I will fill everyone in on Monday if anything exciting happens...LOL
On another note I just want to say...I finally finished the 4th book in the "Twilight" series and can I just was good. Book 4 was well worth the wait of slow ass book 2 and medium ass book 3. Now i am on to the latest Anita Black vampire novel...I heard Ann Rice was supposed to come out with another in her Vamp that true?

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter, what Easter....

Just wanted to say "Happy Easter" even though it is a few days late. Frankie and I spent the entire weekend at the hospital. Frankie's oldest niece came down with Toxic Shock and it was pretty touch and go for almost 48 hours. Everything is fine now and the doc says as long as she refrains from having anal on her period with no contraception....well you get the picture. Again hope everyone had an awesome weekend and I will see ya soon!!!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Long but not long enough....

So..... Lone Star. No really, my weekend was fulfilling but shitty, does that make sense? I had an Art fair this weekend, now remember, I don't do art, I am the director of the children's activities, which basically means I am a babysitter for all the parents so they can walk around and spend money unhindered by their screaming children.(run on sentence much?) Anyway, we (read I) do all sorts of cool activities..Marble painting, beading, face painting, paper flowers, coloring, loom weaving, etc. etc. etc....Most of the time I have 3 or 4 volunteers one set from 9-12 and the other set from 12-4. This is perfect....if they show up. Saturday I had one person from 10-12 and then I was by myself(I was all by myself....Green day reference, anyone....anyone?) Windy as FUCK! Shit was blowing everywhere.... oh and lunch yeah right, no helpers no leave! Sunday was a little better, still didn't get any volunteers, so my MIL came and helped from 9 to 130 or 2ish. She was awesome. My daughter was supposed to help on Sunday but was assigned last minute project from her history teacher and needed to be at Lamy's house(her best friend, lamy isn't his name...) ALL frickin' day! All I can say is I AM TIRED, it was so hard to get up this a.m. So this morning I filled out a vacation request for this weekend, I am taking Friday and Monday off so I can catch up on sleep and Laundry and...and...and. You all know how it goes. OKAY, I think I am done complaining....thanks for being my shoulder to cry on. Love ya...xoxo

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Fun Idea

I got this idea from Inmates to Play dates, open Google, write (in my case) Alexandra needs, and post the top ten things Google says you need.... Here are mine
  1. Alexandra Needs... to buy a tooth.
  2. Alexandra Needs... to steal Mary's stylist.
  3. Alexandra Needs... a dose of reality inducing drugs.
  4. Alexandra Needs... ample social stimulation
  5. Alexandra Needs... a surgical intervention.
  6. Alexandra Needs... to do original songs.
  7. Alexandra Needs... a part time job.
  8. Alexandra Needs... more than just a rat trap for this vermin.
  9. Alexandra Needs... YOU.
  10. Alexandra Needs... to give it up.

What do you think? Some of them are pretty funny. The last is pretty sad, I wonder who that Alexandra really is and what they need to give up? What about number 8..... WTF?  Do I really need a tooth...LOL. Thanks FITP.... That was fun!