Saturday, April 24, 2010

Thing One goes to Prom With GunBoy

So here she is, my baby girl, my god she looks so grown up. Wanna know the story about the boy?....I know you do, we will call him GunBoy or GB for short. Last year Thing one was in track, pole vaulting, GunBoy is an amazing pole Vaulter and grew up around Sparky( actually Sparky worked for his dad at a local Gun store hence the nick name GB) Thing One was currently dating someone whom I didn't think was right for her, they didn't mesh, he made her sad and there was always drama. I thought at the time that GB would be a perfect match, she didn't agree she was in LOVEEEE. Long story short after three years of dating the "other boy" she decided that he was too much work mentally and that she was tired of the stress. It took a couple of months, slowly but surely she started hanging out with GB, they ALWAYS had fun and she was more happy than I had seen her in a loooong time. They weren't dating..."I'm not dating him mom!!!'" was all I got, then for Easter he asked her to spend the day with his family in a field of wildflowers for brunch, that was it. That sealed the deal.....head over heels. Less than two weeks till prom and he asks.... my mother made that fantastic dress and out the door she goes, a junior in high school, to GB's Senior Prom. I am so proud and....I WAS RIGHT, nahny nahny boo boo!LOL I love her and I think she looks AmAzing! I love you sugar cookie with pink frosting and sprinkles, I hope you have a fantastic night!