Monday, January 19, 2009

I'm sorry I suck so bad..............

at updating my blog, life has been kind of crazy at casa chaos. Knuckles has been being a terror for the last couple of weeks, getting in trouble at school, talking back to all of his parental units, and just being a general pain in the ass! Frankie and I both ended up with pretty bad cases of bronchitis and I missed 4 days of was awful, being a smoker doesn't help and I have been coughing my head off for 2 solid weeks. It is hard to think about much besides how miserable you feel when you feel so miserable!!!

On another note Frankie got a PS3 for a late Christmas present and we got the game Little Big Planet, which is absolutely the best game ever besides Animal Planet for the Wii which is what I got for Christmas. Between those 2 games and systems we haven't done much else. I also got the WHOLE Twilight series and am seriously addicted, Bella is a lot like me and I find it quite hysterical that she is so idiotically stupid sometimes. On another note I think that Robert Pattenson is a poor, poor choice for Edward.

That about sums up everything from after Christmas until now, I am a County employee so I have today off, silly but I will take any free payed day off I can get. I was driving to my mothers house this morning , it was around 930am and I had all the windows rolled down and the sun was shining and I realized that I live in on of the most truly beautiful places in the USA. It is currently 75 degrees, no wind, blue skies and majestic mountains all around. Thing one has said that as soon as she graduates High School she is moving someplace where it rains and snow, i just don't understand. Although she has lived in Tucson all her life so she really doesn't have anything to compare it to. I was also thinking to myself that I have a wonderful loving husband(he may be a little oh well) 3 beautiful children who are all brilliant and relatively well behaved, 3 wonderful dogs that are all fantastic, a beautiful new house and for the first time in my life I feel completely happy and fulfilled. I mean i suppose I could find something to complain about (ex husband marrying my best friend and knocking her up after swearing to me that he would never have anymore kids to the point where we fought about who was going to get fixed while we were still may want to go back and read the part before the parenthesis that was kinda long) but what is the point. All the things that stress me out I really can't do anything about so why stress out over nothing!

I also would like to wish Lisa the best last few months...may they be the best ever. Clusterfook was one of the first blogs I started reading and I found her story to be extremely inspirational. I thought if this woman who is going through so much can find time to document her life I should be able to...right. Lisa I love you and I wish you the best! Thank you for sharing your life and struggles and pain with us all.

Anyway, i apologize again for staying away so long, I was busy living and enjoying my life. see ya next time.....xoxo

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Holiday Update...LATE, LATE, LATE...

Sorry I haven't been around...the Holidays kept us all very busy. My Christmas dinner turned out fantastic and a wonderful time was had by all. Santa was so generous this year, thing one and thing two made out like bandits. We had our New year/ housewarming party and it went great as well. Didn't have too many people show up which was actually kind of nice. We ended up with those of our friends we consider the closest at midnight and that was perfect. Frankie has a pretty nasty cold that has turned into Bronchitis, and of course, what he gets I get..... have taken the last three days off work but sadly I have to go back tomorrow. Anyway hope all of your Holidays were as good as mine and welcome to 2009!!!