Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I suck at follow-ups

I know , I know, I have this really bad habit of feeling like I am on the right track and doing good things then I slip, sometimes I just plain fall on my ass. part of my problem right now is(excuses excuses) that I have this ancient laptop that doesn't have a WI-Fi thinga-mabob/jiggy and takes for ever, the enter key has to be practically hit with a hammer to work. My life is in shambles right now and I feel sometimes that when I write here all I ever do is complain. My life, other than health problems really isn't that bad. Frankie and I have continued with out counseling and have our ups and downs. I have a procedure done called an Occipital Nerve Block where they inject cortical steroids into the back of you head and supposeDly (yes the capitol D is on purpose, it drives me crazy when people say supposaBly) it is supposed to relieve all head aches for 4-6 weeks, it worked for about three days and I woke in the middle of the night with the worst Migraine I think I have ever had. I take a pretty heavy dose of sleeping pill so I can sleep through the head-aches but even that didn't help. If you ask any member of my family I don't cry very easily and this morning was definitely a total emotional break down. I cried for myself and it actually felt good, didn't make the head-ache better but made my emotional state a tad better. I can't write anymore today, i would say I will try to write more soon, but you all know me better than that! love to all and hope this finds you all well!!! Maybe my kiddo and I will write more of our story this weekend, oh btw I will be 36 on Monday the 5th, wish me well!