Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Wallet, what wallet???

FOUND MY WALLET!!! (and i still have a Wii)

work sucks

work sucks,
i have decided i am no longer using punctuation unless i want to ,
or capitalization for that matter,
i don't want to go see another doctor.
i lost my wallet.

Wallet, what wallet....

Sparky calls me about an hour ago(930am and says "hey hon, what are you doing?'
me- going to run and get some breakfast
him- cool where you going ?
me- (while frantically digging through my shit hole of a purse) burger king....
him- what's wrong?
me- I can't find my wallet....
him- I'll look, I'm on my way home I forgot some tools...
me....Thanks baby, my purse was on top of the dog kennel
him- (20 minutes later) Sweetie I have looked everywhere, I can't find your wallet.....
me- (thinking to myself) I have a WII, was it worth Losing my wallet? I didn't lose my credit card? can't really be too bad right? After all he is a man maybe he over looked it.... I can find it when I get home. OOPS....What do you think?