Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I almost pissed myself on #14

I just read this on Dad Gone Mad and thought it was to good not to pass on...

Alternatives To The Comment Cliché 'I Just Threw Up In My Mouth'

March 02, 2009

1-I just got herpes from Dick Cheney.

2-I just farted in my happy place.

3-I just let the dogs out.

4-I just dry-humped Melissa Etheridge.

5-I just threw up in that person's mouth.

6-I just dry heaved and that made someone else throw up in my mouth.

7-I just threw up in my butt.

8-I just forgot how to throw up.

9-I just threw up and it tasted like a Pop-Tart.

10-I just crapped in my adult diaper.

11-I didn't really just throw up in my mouth but I say I did because that's what everyone says when they see something gross.

12I'm thinking about throwing up in my mouth.

13-I'm presently throwing up in my mouth, so I'd better stop talking now.

14-See this? It's throw-up. It was in my mouth a second ago, but I found it kind of pointless to keep it there so I opened my mouth and now it's right there. Sweet, huh?

15-Mouth throw-up. It's what's for dinner.

16-Mouth throw-up. The other reddish-orangish-brown meat.

17-I really need to find a different blog to read.