Friday, January 15, 2010

I missed it, Do Over???

Come out come out where ever you!!!

Stressed out much???

So I am sitting here and I realize that I am so fucking stressed out that I may literally spontaneously combust at any moment and then I realize..."dumbass, write it down" I have not written a post since Christmas time.....
     Casa Chaos is in full swing, have I even mentioned the "new" Saltwater fish tank? We started it like 6 months ago, it is in full swing too and we are killing (or they are dying) fish faster than we can make the money to buy more. Not really, but we have lost 3 in the last two weeks and it is traumatizing.  It makes me feel like a bad parent, how does that fucking work? I killed a fish, I didn't kill my kid!!!  Let's start where I left off…..
     New year's- was wonderful, my husband's sisters children were in town and so his mother figured what is one more and decided to watch Knuckles overnight for us. Woo Hooo Partaay, yeah right, we had a nice quite evening, which is until we decided to shoot off a roman candleesque firework. Our neighborhood up until this point had a few screamers etc. then all hell broke loose. Our one little (hehehe) firework caused a riot of blue and gold and green across the sky of downtown Tucson that was quite impressive. Later as we were drifting off to sleep I am pretty sure our next-door neighbor either shot himself (have not seen him since) or someone else. Frankie and I both sat straight up in bed and looked at each other with that "oh fuck" look and were very glad we have a brick house.
I work with one disturbing psycho bitch; she literally will go from peaches to dogshit in 2 seconds flat!!! I am apparently the devil's spawn because ALL of her rage and rants are directed at me. I never even took this much abuse from my ex-husband and I put him in jail! I honestly don't even say good morning to her until she speaks first because if it isn't in her to like me that day she will scream…"don't talk to me I'm having a bad morning (4 out of 5 bad morning becomes tedious after day 2) and I don't feel like talking to you this morning. Then she will go sit at her desk and call her friend at one of our other facilities and laugh and have a great convo….I just don't get why she thinks it is acceptable to make me the whipping child and her supervisor (who watches it everyday) does nothing. Obviously the story is more in depth but I don't have it in me right now.  Then there is the other shmuck..." Scott the purchasing guru who thinks his shit doesn't stink and couldn't place an order to get himself out of a fucking plastic bag in time to not suffocate!  I actually got reprimanded this morning for telling on myself. How the hell does that work? Too much, can't talk, will kill, and I'm still at work.
Home- Fantastic!!!!  Frankie and I are doing great after the rough patch last summer, the counseling helped immensely, taught us how to talk to each other, explain nicely how we are feeling, and actually ask for what we want and need from each other with out demanding. Knuckles is doing much better in school, still hates his homework and has to be forced and cajoled every evening to do it…but we are making progress. Thing one was inducted (is that how you say it?) into the National Honor Society. She has a 4.6 (weighted because of double points for A.P. classes) and finally got her drivers license. She drives a 1995 Oldsmobile **, can't get much safer than a boat like that, I worry more about the other idiot drivers than I do about her. Thing two, quite as always, still has to be forced to do his homework (must be a boy thing, oh wait…I hated doing homework…) but never the less he is maintaining a low A high B average. I couldn't ask for better kids. I love all three of them dearly.
     Me- I am alive and right now, after the last year…that's pretty god damn good! I hope this is sufficient to update, I feel better, I will post on the fish tank at another time, from another computer where maybe I will try my first video update….OMG I almost forgot the Eevee dog, she is perfect. Had her one year b-day and I got the cutest video of her goofing off! Much love TTFN!!!!