Monday, March 15, 2010

monday, Monday, Monday.

So yesterday Frankie and I went to Grannies house just like we do every Sunday, only this Sunday we got to move(actually he did most of the work) her freshwater fish from one tank on one side of her living room to a different smaller tank on the other side of her living room. Let see first disaster, placostimus on the ground, second, hose had a leak at some point and there was water everywhere, third... The damn fish wouldn't stay in the bucket, I think it was a loach, long pointy silver fish with a thick black horizontal stripe down the side. Anyway when the damn thing would jump out it became more lizard like than fish like, which of course all girls scream when there are lizards running thru the house. Anyway...finally got everything moved over come to find out MY arms are the only ones long enough to reach the bottom of the newly filled while the water was still cloudy and I couldn't see ALL the fish(30 or more, seriously) I had to reach all the way into the tank and stick the live plants down into the sand well enough that they wouldn't float back up. My MIL (granny) is all of 5 feet nothing and Frankie isn't much bigger. All fun and games let me tell ya! So we got home a little later than usual and had brought home the movie 2012 to watch as his mom had to take it back today and we really didn't want to wait for it to come out on Netflix. We started the movie at 830 or so, just when it was getting good our friend R calls, frankies phone not mine(there is a story about R that I will tell one of these days)and basically tells him she called him because she knew it was late (I get up most mornings at 5 for work) and if she would have called me I would have told her no. She knows he is a softy, so she is coming over because she needs a cigarette and likes our butts because neither one of us ever smoke more than 3/4ths of a cig.(She empties them and hand rolls or just tears off the filter)she will be here in 5 minutes. Now I'm a pretty laid back person when it comes to friends but R in particular is hard for me to handle, I like my quiet time with Frankie and Sunday night happens to be my favorite. We stop the movie when she shows up(frenchie was on my lap and R came thru back gate and knocked on slider, frenchie freaked out and gouged 5 nice tracks in my leg with her fat doggy claws, ought to see the marks this morning)and she proceeds to tell us how she has already seen the movie and how fantastically catastrophic and beautiful it is. She comes in, gets a beer and starts telling us about all the subliminal blah blah blah and beauty of the destruction blah blah blah... Anyway we start the movie back up and by the time it is over it is 1130pm. Right about this time I realize that instead of getting up at 6 like normal I have to get up at 5am to cover for a lady at work. Now some people can function on 6 or less hours of sleep, I have to have more than 6 or at least 6, most of the time I am in bed having taken a sleeping pill by 930, no later than 10...those of you who take sleeping pills know that if you don't get the required amount of sleep after having taken one of those little beauties you are fucked. So last night looking at 5 hours of sleep, I didn't take a pill. Can you guess where the story is going from here, yup you guessed it, I slept like ASS. And now, I am so tired and it is all HER fault!!! I'm grumpy don't talk to me.

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