Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Dollar $tore Challenge

So check it out, I joined this thing from over at Just One Miss called the Dollar $tore Challenge, it looks like so much fun, head over to her place and check it out. I got my Name in the mail today so I get to head over and lurk around at La Primera and see what I can find out about her.... so I can make my Dollar $tore box the best I can. For whoever drew my name, my Favorite color is baby pink (how cliche...I know) and i have a French Bulldog that rules my every- move, breath-thing. Oh, I like candles(sets of 4) and fingernail polish is a must!!! Hope that helps, I am so looking forward to receiving my box...YEAH!!!

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Lex - @laprimera said...

Thanks for saying hi on my blog! Lets see. My fave color is purple. I like doggies too. I have a yorkie and a rhodesian ridgeback. My fave team is the Dodgers! umm.. hmmm. what else did you ask? he he. Oh! Silver. and I agree. love candles and nailpolish is a yes too. I love pens. and note cards. I'm sure whatever you surprise me with will be awesome! Glad to get the chance to know you!