Sunday, July 26, 2009

Chapter Two....updated.

At that Evelyn left the drab green office. As she walked briskly out onto the sidewalk she began to think of all the things she could have said to Dr. Lacey. she thought of the woman who at work ate her lunch immersed in her own troubled world. Evelyn worried that one day that small insignificant woman would no longer be there, and if anyone would even care? She thought of speaking about the house she grew up in, not really a house but a cottage. And her Father and how he worked very hard and provided well for their family so that Evelyn's mother could stay home and take care of all the mundane things that HE could not be bothered with. She decided to spend the rest of her day in her apartment watching old movies. The next day she rose for work and as she was walking down the street because she couldn't find a cab, she decided to waste the fifty cents and buy a newspaper just to see that everyone else pain and misery was worse than hers. Among the pages of death and destruction she found the missing children page, and there was the face that plagued her. It was the face of the young girl from the other day. At this Evelyn decided to retrace her path from the previous day in hopes that she would spot the missing girl, whose name the paper said was Olivia Jane. As Evelyn walked towards Dr. Lacey's Office she watched everyone around her and wondered if they even had read about little Olivia. Evelyn decided that while she was searching by herself she should call the number in the paper that was asking for any information. The phone rang half of a ring and a man picked up "Hello, Hello?" Evelyn suddenly had second thoughts while remembering what the child had said yesterday before running quickly away. "I'm sorry, about your daughter I mean.... but I think I saw her yesterday" she said. " You saw Livy, where, when, was she okay?" he sounded genuinely concerned. Evelyn explained to the man,whose name was Gregg, that when she had seen Olivia Jane the little girl had been clean and relatively good, yet extremely upset. Evelyn decided at this point that honesty was the best thing and told Gregg exactly what the child had said.

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