Monday, April 6, 2009

Long but not long enough....

So..... Lone Star. No really, my weekend was fulfilling but shitty, does that make sense? I had an Art fair this weekend, now remember, I don't do art, I am the director of the children's activities, which basically means I am a babysitter for all the parents so they can walk around and spend money unhindered by their screaming children.(run on sentence much?) Anyway, we (read I) do all sorts of cool activities..Marble painting, beading, face painting, paper flowers, coloring, loom weaving, etc. etc. etc....Most of the time I have 3 or 4 volunteers one set from 9-12 and the other set from 12-4. This is perfect....if they show up. Saturday I had one person from 10-12 and then I was by myself(I was all by myself....Green day reference, anyone....anyone?) Windy as FUCK! Shit was blowing everywhere.... oh and lunch yeah right, no helpers no leave! Sunday was a little better, still didn't get any volunteers, so my MIL came and helped from 9 to 130 or 2ish. She was awesome. My daughter was supposed to help on Sunday but was assigned last minute project from her history teacher and needed to be at Lamy's house(her best friend, lamy isn't his name...) ALL frickin' day! All I can say is I AM TIRED, it was so hard to get up this a.m. So this morning I filled out a vacation request for this weekend, I am taking Friday and Monday off so I can catch up on sleep and Laundry and...and...and. You all know how it goes. OKAY, I think I am done complaining....thanks for being my shoulder to cry on. Love ya...xoxo

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