Monday, August 18, 2008


So the phone rings....
Frankie..."Hello, yeah, you're kidding right , no, okay I'll be there soon."
Apparently knuckles tells his teacher at parks and rec that he has a grenade in his backpack and he is planning on blowing up the entire school and everyone in it.
The school evacuates and calls 911, keep in mind that knuckles is only 6 years old and even though he has a very vivid imagination probably doesn't even know what a real grenade would look like.
Long story short our son has been suspended from after school daycare. Can you say taking zero tolerance too far.

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Nobody™ said...

OMG!! That's funny. Well, probably not to you, but to me it is!

Half the crap I did when I was in school would get me locked up today, but at that time it was just what kids did.

Zero tolerance is a steaming load of bovine feces.