Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Surgery tomorrow

So again, I know it has been awhile (even I am getting sick of saying that...) I have had doctor appointments what seems like everyday and Tennis matches for Thing 2. We had to get Thing 1's hair dyed (she went dark and it looks sooo cute), we had to volunteer at the car show this weekend and knuckles had an eye appointment that didn't turn out so well. To top everything off, I am having surgery tomorrow to remove the lump from my back and also the one from my scalp.
Okay so, lets see where to start....Thing 2, Tennis season for Junior high is now officially over. It was his first season ever and he played really well. He has a great serve and hopefully he decides to stick with it. He gave up a potentially life long soccer career to play so I hope he doesn't hate it or decide it isn't worth it next year.
Thing 1's hair is kind of a long story...at the beginning of junior high (she is now a high school sophomore) she dyed it bright flame red. When her father got married in May his then Fiance told her she had to dye her hair because it CLASHED with the red bridesmaid dresses.So they took her to some random salon in Hawaii and had this fat cow demolish her hair and put these horrible spaghetti looking highlights in it. Well last Friday I paid to have it returned to her natural dark blond (repair job) at an upper scale salon here in town...Looks fantastic and she no longer hates the sight of her own hair...YEAH MOM!!
With knuckles it is a bit of a tear jerker, apparently when he was 2 his right eye quit developing and his brain shut down function to it, because he was still learning how to walk etc... there were no outward sighs such as stumbling equilibrium etc and it still tracks and moves with his left eye so Frankie and his ex never noticed that the eye wasn't working. Knuckles was sitting at the table doing his homework the other day and looked up at me and said " hey Alex did you know that when I close my left eye I can't see anything out of my other one?" my thought..."hummm that is odd!" Frankie...check this out, Knuckles tell daddy what you just told me!" he repeats story... one eye appointment later we have a 6 year old that wears glasses that only correct his vision to 20/50 and needs to see a specialist in order to regain sight in his right eye...who would have thought....
And last but not least, my surgery will not be talked about until it is over because I don't know anything and I am not going to worry until I have something to worry about. XOXO

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Poppy said...

I'm late to the post, but best of luck with the surgery!!! Hug a Squishy when you get out!