Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Fantastic weekend fun...

We had a blast, first of all, we stayed at The Arizona Grand Resort in Phoenix( Frankie wouldn't let me post that prior, as he thought someone would stalk us and kill thing 1 and 2 even though no one reads my it is fantastic, totally kid friendly. They have 3-5 restaurants on-site depending on what time of year it is as to how many are open, a spa, golf course, water park, fitness center, movies after dark...everything you could ever need without leaving the property. The rooms had recently been remodeled, the beds were amazing, the pools were well taken care of(Frankie owns a pool company and has issues with public pools and he swam...miracle!!!) The Hotel catered to our every need.We hardly ever even put on regular clothes, mostly walked around in our bathing suits ALL weekend...not to worry, everyone was doing it.When eating in the restaurants we threw on a sundress or the likes but mostly..flip flops and bikinis etc. Fantastic! They had a shuttle service that ran to a nearby mall, one of the biggest outlet malls in AZ(Superstition Springs I think?), and it was incredibly all very affordable.
Now the thing is...and fill me in if this happens to you as well, the second we pulled back in to Tucson Thing 1 and 2 started fighting. For 3 whole days they didn't utter a single negative word towards each other or lay a finger on one another but as soon as we were back it was like the good bad just don't understand. It is very frustrating especially after having such a fantastic weekend.
Last night, yuck, our power out for like 9 hours, more on that later!

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